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    Import & Activate user from Dash Profile

    • Brokerage Engine |
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    • 23 seconds

      Navigate to Manage Users Panel

      Alert!\ Requires Admin Permission to access the manage users panel
      Click "Toggle Dropdown" on new user button
      Click "Create Staff Account"
      Search dash user name in dropdown list
      Alert! Although it says 'Staff Account', a sales role in dash can also be imported in through the create staff account function
      Click "Agent"
      Set if an agent or admin profile from dash
      Check if wanting to have welcome email with credentials sent to user
      Alert! System notifications must be enabled for a welcome email to go out. If not, you will need to create a custom password and send to user
      Click here for system to generate random password in welcome email
      Click here to manually create user password
      Click "Submit"
      Click "OK"
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