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    In Case of Emercency

      Emergency Page Overview

      The Emergency Page within the app serves as a critical tool designed to address unforeseen emergencies at a job site. In case of an injury or other emergency, the Emergency Page can be used to send an alert or message to the entire team or to find the closest ER or Urgent Care.

      Navigating to the Emergency Page

      To navigate to the Emergency section from any page, click the hamburger menu at the top left of the screen.
      Select "Emergency" from the bottom of the sidebar navigation.
      You can also click the red "H" button located on the project dashboard to navigate to the emergency page.

      Notifying the Team of an Emergency

      In the event of an injury, accident, or any other urgent situation, users can utilize the Emergency Page to quickly send out an alert or message to the entire team by pressing the "Notify Team" button above the map.
      Need to find out what "Send Alert" does. What does the message say and who does it go to?
      \*Add Send Alert Functionality Enter a message in the text field and press "Sent Message" to relay the message to the entire team.

      Find the Closest ER or Urgent Care

      The app's integrated map feature is an invaluable asset during emergencies. It allows users to pinpoint their current location and view nearby medical facilities, such as Emergency Rooms (ER) or Urgent Care centers, on the map. This aids in making informed decisions about where to seek medical assistance. Below the map is a list of nearby Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Centers and their addresses. Clicking on a location from the list will display that location on the map.
      Clicking the blue road sign icon next to a location will open your tablet's map app to display directions to that specific destination.
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