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    Installing IT Support App (Mac) - (External)

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      Click "App Store"
      Click on Search
      Type "it support [[Enter]]"
      Click the iCloud download image or the "Get" Button
      Once Downloaded Click "Open"
      Click this status menu
      Click "Open ITSupportPanel"
      Click here on the "Activation Code"
      Copy and Paste Activation Code that a SimpleFly Tech has given you: Looks like "FSEQLODMBW" but is unique to your company.
      Right-click this text field
      Click "Paste"
      Click "Activate Now"
      After Activation it will show you this login page.\ \ Time to respond to the helpdesk or technician that you have successfully activated your IT Support Mac Client and you will now need to give us your Computer name.\ \ Companyname-username-LT or DT???\ You can access that by opening "Apple Settings or Search (top Right) > Type in the search bar "Name" > Click Enter and tell your tech."
      Once the SFT Technician has this info. Quit the App from Your top right menu options and When the tech says they are also ready > Reopen it from your search or Apps folder.\ \ This is generally what your App should look like, with your company's branding, different colors and a few different buttons.
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