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    Instantly reply to a customer message

    • Bec Hu |
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    Go to []( to start building your Zap
    Click "Create Zap"
    In your Trigger, select "Channeled" as your App Event
    In your Trigger Event, select "When a New Message Is Created"
    Authenticate using the workspace you use with Channeled and click "Continue"
    Make sure Zapier produces a test message. Sometimes you need to refresh the page to see this! Then, click "Continue" to create your Action
    In your Action, select "Channeled" as your App Event
    In your Action, select "Reply to a Message" and click "Continue"
    Populate the details of your automatic reply. Most importantly, select the ID from your previous step as the "Thread ID" – do not type in a hard-coded number here!
    Enter the name of the user you want the automatic reply to come from. This should exactly match the name of a team member in Slack.
    Tip! If you want the message to come dynamically from the Customer Owner you've set for the customer in Channeled, select "Customer Owner" in the "From user with name" selection.
    Type in the message you want generated in the automatic reply. Voila!

    Your Zap is ready to go! You can add additional steps to tag the item, assign it automatically, update its status, anything you'd like. Happy automating!

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