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    Integrating Email + Creating an Email Auto Response

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    Login to [](
    Click "Settings"
    Click "Integrations" in the Settings menu
    Click "Add New Integration"
    Now, we are going to select an integration from the menu. For this tutorial, we're using our email platform, Kartra. Click on "ADD INTEGRATION" next to the platform or webhook you wish to connect.
    Find your API key and password from your email provider.
    Click the "API Key" field. Paste the API key and password into Chatmatic.
    Press [[ctrl]] + [[v]]
    Click "CONNECT"
    We've successfully connected our email platform and Chatmatic. Now, click on "Automations" in the top menu.
    Click "Add New Automation"
    Create a tag to organize your new email list.
    We've already set one up, so we are selecting "2022 Email List."
    Next, click on "TRIGGER INTEGRATION"
    Click inside the Integration field here.
    Select your email integration. Click "Kartra" in this instance.
    Click "Subscribe a lead to a list" or whichever option you would like!
    Select your email list, we are selecting "2022 Chatmatic Development."
    Click "Add To Automation"
    Turn your Automation on.

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