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    Integrating Tall Bob with Emarsys

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      Part 1: Setting up the Emarsys side

      This is a five-part process which would take approximately 5 minutes. We're going to start in your Emarsys account before we head over to the Tall Bob web app. So, let's start with Emarsys.
      Navigate to []( Enter your credentials and Login to your Emarsys account.
      For full Emarsys instructions, visit their support site: [](
      Click on the Management Header in the Menu and choose SMS Settings
      Click on the 'Start Setup' Button
      The first step in the Setup process is the Currency Selection. Select your base currency and click on the 'Next Step' Button
      The next step is the Provider Setup. Select 'Tall Bob' as your provider.
      To obtain the API Username and API Keys, you will need to log into your Tall Bob Account in a new tab. [](
      You will come back to your Emarsys Account, so don't close your Emarsys Tab.

      Part 2: Getting Tall Bob API keys

      Once Logged into your Tall Bob Account navigate to [](
      Click on the 'Generate New Key' Button.
      Please Note: If you have API keys already generated in your account, we recommend you use the existing API keys.
      All you need to do now is to copy the API Username and API Key codes from the Tall Bob platform to Emarsys. Click the 'Copy' Button next to each code from Tall Bob and Paste the code into your Emarsys screen.
      Head back to the Emarsys Tab and once you have pasted the API Username and API Key, click on the 'Connect to Provider' Button
      You'll get a confirmation message to your account admin's phone number. [The number that appears in the highlighted area is the number to which the message will be sent] Next Click on the 'Go to Country Setup' Button
      Here you will complete the Country or Region Setup. Fill in the relevant fields similar to the ones below, If you are setting up two-way messaging or a country with no alphanumeric sender IDs like USA and New Zealand, then add your dedicated number to the inbound number below. Then click on the 'Next Step' Button.
      You will need to fill this in for each of your primary sending countries. The Fee per SMS should match your Tall Bob contracted rate. Setting your fee to your contracted rate ensures you have accurate billing, and a more accurate ROI calculation
      Hold tight, you're nearly there. Check the details and click 'Finalize SMS Channel Set up' Button.
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