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    Interview Portal Training

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    Navigate to <>


    Click the email field and type in the email you used for registration.
    Click "Continue"
    Click the "Password" field and type in your password.
    Click "Log In"


    You are now in your interview portal. You will see all of the applicants that have been assigned to you. To view an application, click on the blue link or the Review button.
    The default view of applications is the Interactive View. If you'd like to view the application in a PDF format, Click "Switch to PDF View".
    In the PDF View, there are several actions that might be useful. You can Zoom in and out use the - and + keys. You can print the PDF. You can also download the PDF.
    To switch back, Click "Switch to Interactive View".
    If you want to download PDFs of all your review files at once, for printing or reading, click the green Download ZIP button and follow the prompts.


    The Select Form menu has all of the various forms linked to this applicant. The default form is Applications and the one you will be viewing the most.
    To switch to a different form, click the down arrow to bring up all associated forms.
    The Profile form is filled out by the applicant to access the system. It includes their contact information, current enrollment status, and historical award information. If the applicant is a former recipient, you will want to view this form to see their historical award information. This was formerly on the history form, and is not reported here. Future scholarships will automatically be added to their profile.
    Click "Letter of Recommendation Response" to view the sponsor letter. These are now submitted through the WizeHive system.
    To view the sponsor letter, click the eye button. Applicants may submit up to 3 letters.
    You can now read the letter of recommendation response. It includes sponsor information, sponsee information, and the letter (either typed in or uploaded).
    The final form is Communication Logs. This is where any interaction or notes from the admin team are stored.
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