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    Introduction to the Zoneworks XT System

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      Accessing the Zoneworks XT System

      Double click on the Zoneworks XT icon on the desktop. This will open a web browser window to the Zoneworks XT page.
      Click the "User Name" field. Enter your Username. (Default username is "zoneworksxt") Click the "Password" field. Enter your Password. (Default password is "zoneworksxt") Click "Sign in"

      Navigating the overview GUI

      Clicking on System will take you to the main Zoneworks XT screen.\ Clicking on Reports will take you straight to the report scheduler.\ Clicking on Test Schedule with take you straight to the Test Schedule window to create a test or view the future scheduled tests including the past incomplete tests.
      To go to a specific view, click on one fields on the right.
      Click "System" to access the Zoneworks XT system

      Checking the software version

      Hover over the version number in the bottom right-hand corner of the page to bring up the installed software version.\ \ The latest version is 2.22.0

      Navigating the views

      The side menu allows you to access the Zoneworks XT system via Controllers or Groups. The "Drawings" tab allows you to view the site drawings. The "Views" tab allows you to view the fittings in different status.
      Clicking on the top menus will display a list of functions within the system.
      To view the controllers that are available on the system click on the Controllers tab on the left.

      Changing the view

      This will display the controllers in icon view. \ To view more details, click on the view menu and select details.\ This will change the display to the detail's layout.

      View a Controller

      Right-click here.
      Click "View Details"
      Controller Overview

      View Fittings

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