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    Jobber - Job Setups and Progress Invoicing

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    Sample quote layout

    Electrical New Build Quote Sample

    Job Set Up For Progress Payments - RECURRING JOBS

    Tip! Recurring Jobs aren't just for planned and scheduled visits. They can be used to create multiple invoices or bill at certain frequencies.
    Click "New"
    Click "Job"
    Title Your Job
    Choose "Recurring Job"

    Schedule Settings

    Set your schedule or leave as "as needed" if the visits will be sporadic
    Set the duration or leave as 6 months. This number doesn't really matter.

    Invoicing Settings

    Click "Fixed price"
    Set the invoice reminder to "as needed" and leave auto invoice and pay off
    Line Items Should copy over from your quote
    Click "Save Job"

    Creating the first invoice to assign the deposit

    **On the job** select "more actions"
    Click "Generate Invoice"

    Naming Invoices For Customer Clarity

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