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    Jobber Workflow For Large Projects

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    Quoting Large Projects In Jobber

    Navigate to [](
    Click here.
    Add the client name unless creating from client profile or converting a request
    Choose name or creat a new client
    Click the "Title" field to add the Quote Title which will eventually become the job name if approved. **Clients cant see this**
    Click the "Name" field to add your line item
    Tip! Creating new product and service names can cause bookkeeping and reporting issues. Try to use these strategically and limit creating new ones. Descriptions should be used to give further information and differentiators
    Click the "Description" field add details of the line item
    Click the "Qty" field to update quantities if needed
    Click the "Unit Price" field if different from saved amount
    Click the "Total" field or hit tab to get it to calculate the total based on qty and unit price
    Click this button if you need to add a photo
    Click "Add Line Item" to add an additional line if needed
    Click "Add Optional Line Item" if you would like to give the client options
    Tip! If taking a deposit on a quote with line items you will have to set the deposit using % as opposed to $
    Click "Add Text" to add notes or preset text that has been saved as services
    Click the "Client message" field if you need to add any notes to the quote. if you have a default message in settings your text will share this space with the default message after sending
    Click "Add Discount" if you want to add a discount
    Click this dropdown. to change from $ to %
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