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    LPE Preparation Courses: Sign-up for the courses

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      1. How to create an account on CDOTS Campus

      Self-registration for CDOTS Campus is available for Staff Members of the United Nations who are using an email address with the following extensions: @[one.un.org](http://one.un.org) @[un.org](http://un.org) @[unicef.org](http://unicef.org) @[unops.org](http://unops.org) @[undp.org](http://undp.org) @[fao.org](http://fao.org) @[icscun.org](http://icscun.org) @iom.int @[unwomen.org](http://unwomen.org) @[ohchr.org](http://ohchr.org) @unccd.int @[iaea.org](http://iaea.org) @[unu.edu](http://unu.edu) @[wider.unu.edu](http://wider.unu.edu) @[vie.unu.edu](http://vie.unu.edu) @[merit.unu.edu](http://merit.unu.edu) @[cris.unu.edu](http://cris.unu.edu) @[ehs.unu.edu](http://ehs.unu.edu) @[intracen.org](http://intracen.org) @[unitar.org](http://unitar.org) @[icj-cij.org](http://icj-cij.org) @[unhcr.org](http://unhcr.org) If you already have an account, go to Step 2. If you do not have an email address from one of the above entities and would like to register, please fill this form: <https://forms.office.com/e/TLeFE73Lys> and specify the course you would like to participate in.
      Click on this link to access the platform for the first time: [http://cdotscampus.unssc.org](http://cdotscampus.unssc.org)
      Click on "Create new account"
      Click on "Create new account"
      Click on the "Username" field. Complete the information. The username will be permanent and cannot be changed but it remains anonymous.
      Click on the "Password" field. Passwords need to be at least 8 characters (letters or numbers) long with at least one lowercase letter.
      Click in each required field (!) and type in the requested information.
      Be sure to select your city and country. Then click on "Create my account".
      Your CDOTS Campus account is now set up. You can access the dashboard by logging in again, click on: [http://cdotscampus.unssc.org](http://cdotscampus.unssc.org)

      2. How to self-enroll in the LPE Preparation courses

      Click on: [http://cdotscampus.unssc.org](http://cdotscampus.unssc.org)
      Click on the "Search courses" field.
      Type "LPE 2023" and click on "Search". The list of courses will appear.
      Select the LPE Preparation courses of your choice.
      Finally, click on "Enrol me".

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