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    Library properties

        Users have to click on the module name first and then right-click on the library name. Here the name of the library is "Admission".
        Right click will show the following options from their users have to click on "Properties".

        New Item

        The first functionality in the "Properties" is "New Item Configuration". Users must toggle the "Active" button to use this functionality. This functionality allows users to choose between "Contact" and "Company".
        Selecting a company will show a "Group" selection option for the users. Users can select a group from here which will be used as a default group in the form.
        The "Select group" option will show all of the available groups. Users can select any record from this dropdown.
        Users will be able to change the "Group" if the "Force" option is checked. If unchecked, users will have the option to choose any of the available group while saving the form.
        Finally, click "Save" to see the impact in forms.
        This is how it looks in the form. Anyone who tries to fill up this form will have to create a new company at first and only after that, he will be able to save the actual form.
        The functionality of the "Contact" creation is similar to the "Company" creation. The only difference is that here users can select the default "Company" alongside "Group". "Force" option is available here as well.

        Access Control

        In this tab, users can set permission for this library. Users can enable "Site Control" and "Push Access To Parent" at the top. Details are included in the permission tutorial.


        The forms tab is where the form for this "Library" can be created. Clicking "System Default Form" will show the predefined form setup.
        BizTRAQ by default adds two "Cards" in the form. "Card" is a group of fields with a header-adding option. The first default "Card" is called "Identification". It contains seven fields. Users can add more fields to this card by clicking on the "Add New Fields" button.
        The second default card is called "Dates". This card contains four fields. Like previous one, users can add new fields to this card as well.
        BizTRAQ allows users to config the form outlook as well. A user can define how he wants to see the form. Users can select between a single column and a double column. A single column will show all the cards one by one.
        Selecting two columns layout will show the following screen. Users can add more cards and decide how many fields they want to have on each card.
        There is another predefined card available for use. This card is called a "Contact Card". By clicking on the "plus" icon users can add this card to the form.
        This card comes with thirteen predefined fields.

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