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    Licensee CEU Login Instructions

    • Shelton McCollough |
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    Navigate to [](
    Scroll to the bottom of any page to access the login area
    Enter your credentials and click login
    Click "Visit Site" to return to the homepage
    Click "Your account"
    Click "View profile"
    Click "View Options"
    Click "Edit Profile"
    From here, the user will fill in all the pertinent fields and can upload up to 12 CEU certificates.
    To upload certificates, click "Upload"
    Drag and drop your file or search by clicking upload.
    Click "Save"
    If you have additional files, click here.
    Upload any additional files if necessary and repeat the upload process.
    If you have additional CEU credits to enter, click here.
    At the bottom of the page, once the information is entered, click 'Update Profile'.
    The information will be saved and users will be able to view their most recent saved information when they log in going forward.

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