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    Listing Statuses

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      Navigate to the listing: On the main navigation bar, click "Listings".
      If the listing is a residential listing, click "Residential Sales".
      In this scenario, our listing is currently in "Draft" status, and it is ready to launch.
      Click the 'Action' button for the listing to access the listing's detail page.
      Notice the status on the left of the screen in the 'Listing Essentials' pane.
      Click "Good To Launch" to change the status from "Draft" to "Good To Launch".
      Notice on the left in the 'Listing Essentials' pane, the listing is now in "Good To Launch" status.
      When the listing is ready to go live, click "Launch".
      Verify the status has changed by viewing the 'Listing Essentials' pane on the left. Notice that this listing is now "Active".
      Should you need to withdraw or expire the listing, you'll click the "Change Status" button.
      When you click the dropdown menu, you'll see two options: "Expired" and "Withdrawn". If either applies, you'll choose it here and click "Save".
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