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    Live Chat: How to See Traffic and Create Filtered Segments

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    Go to [](
    Click on "Traffic"; but now it's been changed to "Engage"
    Click "Add filter"
    For this example, I clicked "Activity"
    I wanted to see all of the traffic that has not left the website so I clicked on "is not"
    Then I clicked on "Left website" so the filter equals "is not: left website" in case their status changes throughout their visit before they leave.\ \ Then click "Apply"
    In my next example I'll show how to set a filter for all of the customers that are chatting. \ \ Click "Add filter"
    Click "Activity"
    Click on this drop down field
    Click "Chatting"
    Click "Apply"
    If you have both filters applied "Activity is not: Left Website" and "Activity is Chatting" this will show you all of the chats happening right now, otherwise without the activity filter, you would see any customers that are chatting, and that have left the website. \ \ If you'd like to remove a filter, click on the X next to the filter.
    I have also set up filters to see which customers are viewing specific product brands, and I'll show you how. \ \ Click "Add filter"
    Click "Last page title"
    Click "contains"
    Click on this field and type in a brand name. I would only search for one brand at a time.
    For this example I typed "SCADAPack"
    Click "Apply"
    You could also try "Yaskawa"
    I've also tried searching for "Phoenix"
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