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    Live Chat: Set up out of office settings

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    When you're going on vacation or you're going to be out of the office there are a few things you need to do before you leave. In addition to setting up your Outlook, 8x8, and Ocore; you'll need to set up your chat schedule so you don't accidentally get any chats while you're gone.
    Go to [](
    Click here on your profile picture
    Click here
    If you're going to be gone for the whole week you can click "Don't accept chats"
    Click "Save"
    Let's say you're only going to be gone for one or two days. Then you would just uncheck whichever days you'll be gone.\ \ Click on the "Checkbox" next to the day of the week.
    Click "Save"
    When you get back to the office you'll need to undo these changes that you made.
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