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    Log in and send email via Department Portal guide

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    Navigate to [https://mcleaguesc.org/](https://mcleaguesc.org/)
    Click "Department Portal"
    Click the "Username" field.
    Type your username (office). If you don't know it, ask the Web Sergeant!
    Click "Submit"
    Switch to your email and select the proper email.
    Click "-  Department of South Carolina - Marine Corps League Login Link Use the link below to log into the Dept of SC MCL Website. Login Thanks, Dept o..."
    Click "Login"
    Click "Send Email"
    You can filter by detachments. If none are selected, will send to all. If some are selected, will send to only the selected detachments.
    You can filter by officers. Select none to send to all officers of the selected detachments (all if none selected) or send only to selected officers of the selected detachments.
    Click off the list to remove the selection list.
    You can format the text in the email to highlight important parts.
    You can change the text colors too!
    You can resize the text to make some larger.
    Click "24pt"
    **Be sure to click off the editor so the message is saved. If you click send without clicking off the editor, your message will be blank!**
    You can add an attachment if you'd like. If not, just ignore this field.
    Again, make sure you have clicked anywhere outside of the editor!
    Click "Send Email"

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