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    Log into EveryAction & Get Started

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      Log In (First Time)

      In your email inbox, find the email with the subject line "You've been invited to join [YOUR ORG NAME] on EveryAction." Click ACCEPT INVITATION.
      Save your organization's EveryAction URL to your browser's bookmarks. The URL is given in the email invitation and is necessary for future logins. You cannot find the login page by Google searching.
      The invitation link expires within 48 hours. If you miss this window, please contact your organization's administrator to send you a new link.
      Your organization may require you to accept a user agreement. If you accept this User Agreement after reading it carefully, check the box at the bottom. You can view the agreement at any time in your profile settings.

      Create an ActionID

      If you don't have a VAN ID or ActionID, click CREATE ACCOUNT.
      Enter the details as required to create a new account.
      Confirm that you have read and accepted the Privacy Policy, then click CREATE ACCOUNT. An email will be sent to you to verify your account. Once you have verified your email, you can log in using your new account details.

      Log In (Every Time)

      Enter your organization's EveryAction URL in your browser. This URL is provided in the first email invitation you received. To find it again, search your email inbox for an email starting with the subject line "You've been invited to join".
      Enter your email and password. Then click LOG IN.
      If you have multiple user accounts, you will be prompted to select which user you would like to use for the session. Change users by clicking the dropdown list. Then click NEXT. If you do not have access to multiple user accounts, you will not see this step.

      Main Menu Navigation

      The Main Menu is often set as the default Home view.\ \ However, yours may be set to a different view. See the section of this guide titled "Change Your Default Home Page" for more!
      Click the hamburger menu icon to open the EA pages menu and search bar. Click the hamburger menu icon again to close it. This menu and search bar is for EveryAction tools such as the Report Manager and Event Calendar.
      To access the Main Menu view, click MAIN MENU from the side menu bar. \ \ The Main Menu view is the standard view shown here. This view has a series of standard links that are often needed for quick access.
      Use the top search bar to search for a contact. Possible matches appear in a drop down list.
      These two search bars in EveryAction are different! Search for a **page**: search for tools in the system, such as "Event Calendar" and "Report Manager". Search for a **contact**: search for a person or organization in the contact list.
      Click the bell to view system notifications. For example, you will receive a notification to alert you when an export file is ready.
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