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    Lua Scripting Engine - Advanced Usage

        Navigating to Lua Engine

        Click "Lua Scripting Engine"
        Click "Scripts"
        This view shows the Lua Scripts and their enabled status

        Adding New Lua Script

        Click this button field.
        Enter the name of the script
        For Example Type "TestScript1"

        Data Receivers

        Tip! Lua Scripts are triggered by Data Receivers - When data is received by the Data Receiver it will fire off any scripts which are set to receive data. For example Axia GPIO
        Click this dropdown to select the Data Receiver
        Tip! Lua Scripts can be used to store data and properties - in this case no Data Receiver is selected

        Data Types

        Select the Data Type
        Tip! Datatypes can be Bytes / UTF8 ASCII / AxiaDataReceived Object / Json Object or XML
        Enable the script to run
        Alert! When creating a new script there must be an Entry Function called the same name as the Script
        Click here.
        Click "Save"

        Debug Console

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