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    MASTERCFA User Guide

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    Navigate to []( or if you want to go directly to the login screen go to, [](
    Click "Get Started" to go to the Login screen.
    1. If you are a new user, Sign up with Google or enter your email id. 2. You'll get a confirmation email to activate your account if you are not using GSignup.
    If you already have an account, Click "Have an account?" to Login.
    You will be taken to the Login screen where you can login with your email & password or use the Google Sign in.


    1. You will see an onboarding tour, the first time you login. 2. After that, you are taken to your Dashboard the first time you login.
    1. There are many features to explore!! We are constantly adding new features. 2. You can expand the menu bar to see the various features such as Dashboard, Calendar, Library, Dash Cards, Adaptive Quiz, Mock Exam, Analytics & your Profile. 3. All the Active features will showcase in your Dashboard as well.

    First time user - EXPERIENCE MASTERCFA

    Your Dashboard shows 5 cards. If you are a first time user, you should click the "Start here" card. This will help you experience the full features of the platform in 10 minutes!
    To see the power of our platform and how it will help you not only pass the CFA exam , but also your job interviews, we strongly advise you start from the Primer!!
    Click on Start here in the Dashboard to kick start the experience! ๐Ÿ˜
    Follow the playlist and the instructions to see the difference in pedagogy between MasterCFA and other prep providers
    The playlist has cards, quizzes, videos and nudges to enable you to learn a complex, key concept on "Normal Distributions"
    The cards are carousel based & scrollable with a left and right arrow, don't forget to see all the cards!
    Every time you complete the playlist item it will display a green tick. In case of incomplete, it will showcase % done in orange.
    Any quiz question you answer will showcase your answer in Blue Tick
    As soon as you press next, if your answer is correct it will turn into a GREEN Tick, with a green shadow under it.
    If your answer is wrong it will turn into a RED Cross, with a red shadow under it.

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