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    Macromolecules Study Aide

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    I are sharing this file with you and others. I can not give you edit access. Download the file as a pptx format and use it to complete the task
    Tip! Seriously, do not request edit access for this document. You will not be given edit access!

    Download ppt for EDIT access

    To download - Click "File"
    Select "Download" and Click "Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx)"
    Save the document somewhere on your computer. (Make a note of where you saved it)

    Fill table on slide 3 with blocks from slide 2

    Open - Select block on slide 2
    Copy using Ctrl-C or cut with Ctrl-X
    Tip! If you use cut/paste, you can keep track of what you already used.
    Select table
    paste with Ctrl-V - and drag where it belongs
    Click next square
    Select table
    wherever it needs to go
    rinse and repeat until you filled the entire thing.

    Save a Screen shot/image of the result

    When all is filled - click the "prt sc" (print screen) button on your computer
    Open a new document in any editor that can handle images - for example google docs (or word, or paint)
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