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    Manage your Scribe team & user permissions

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    Manage your Team through the Teammates page

    Tip! If you're on an Enterprise plan, you'll see the Team Directory. The instructions are the same.
    Navigate to [](
    Click the "Teammates" icon
    To add users to your Team, click "Invite Teammates" in the top right
    Type in the email of your invitee(s) and add a message to let them know why you're inviting them!
    Click "Send Invites"
    To remove teammates or change a teammate's permission (you can do this if you are an Admin) - click open the three-dot menu in your teammate's tile
    To remove a user from your team, select "Remove from Team"
    Click "Remove" to confirm

    Manage your Team through Team Settings

    Navigate to [](
    Click your Team avatar on the top left or your team name
    Click "Team Settings"
    Click "Users"
    To add users to your team, click "+ Invite Users"
    Add in the emails of your invitees, separated by commas, and choose what level of access to give your invitee.
    Click "Invite to Team" to complete the invitation.
    To change a teammate's permission level, navigate to the user whose permission you'd like to change, and select their existing role
    Click this dropdown and select the appropriate permission level
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