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    Managing and Using Multiple Gmail Signatures (Copy)

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    Navigate to [](
    Click the settings
    Click "See all settings"
    Scroll down to find the "Signature: section. It is close to the bottom.
    Tip! To [add more signatures](, click the "Create New" and use the editor box to the right.
    Click on one of your signatures to see it.
    You can edit signatures using this rich text editor box.
    Tip! I have 4 signatures. Reply: Just my name and schedule Schedule:Hyperlink and picture to show my schedule Signature 1: My main signature. Made [custom in Canva]( Students: When I email students, it says Mrs. Coutlee instead of Neisha Coutlee [Step 11]( shows you how to pick which signature you want to use when composing and email.

    Setting Default Signatures

    "FOR NEW EMAILS USE" you select which signature you want used when you compose an email. This is your MAIN signature.
    Click this dropdown to choose from your signatures.
    "ON REPLY/FORWARD USE" is what email will appear when you reply to someone else. Click this dropdown to select from your signatures.
    Tip! I made a simple reply email with just my name so in an email chain, it was simple.
    Click "Save Changes"

    Using/Changing signatures

    Click "Compose"
    Your default signature will appear automatically when you compose an email. You can change it to any of your other signatures by clicking the "Insert Signature" icon at the bottom of the email box.
    Select which signature you want to use.
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