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    Manually Add a Book to My Books

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      Click "My Books " from the top menu
      Click "Create Manually"
      Click "Basic" tab if it is not already selected
      Click "Title" and enter the title of your book (it must match what is on Amazon exactly)
      Click the "Main Genre" dropdown and select the main genre for your book
      Click "Description" and write a blurb that is long enough to entice readers
      Click on the "Details" tab
      Click "ASIN" and type in the ASIN from Amazon for your book (if you have multiples, just choose one of them)
      Click "Address and search bar" and copy the link to your Amazon sales page
      Click on "Amazon URL" and paste in your Amazon link
      Click the "Other" tab
      Click on "Date Published" and enter the date your book was or will be published
      Click on "Pen Name" and enter your pen name (optional)
      Click "Save" to save your book progress.
      Click "Change Front Cover "
      Click "Browse" to find the front cover on your device
      Click "Crop and Save" to save the book cover
      Click "Save" one last time and your book is ready
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