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    Mapping of tax returns

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    Step 1: Choose return

    The first step to use generate.TAX is to choose a country / tax return and to map the tax rates from the accounting software to each box in the return. \ \ This is important to ensure that transactions are grouped correctly when displaying the reports.
    Navigate to the **Connected Entities** page
    Click the **Add a return to get started** link to open the mapping wizard
    Click or type the name of the country to short list what tax returns are available for that country.
    In this example we chose the Malta standard VAT return to enable the other fields.
    Next select the first date when you plan to use this return - this can be backdated and it's important to select the correct date as the system will carry out calculations based on this date.
    Please enter the date when this return will be due so generate.TAX will then help you manage the return deadlines.
    The return submission frequency is necessary to calculate the next and future reporting periods. Options include from weekly to yearly to cover all known options.
    Use the **Continue** button to move to the next step in the wizard.

    Step 2: Map tax returns - Cash Accounting

    If you need to report your tax return on a 'cash basis', select those Tax Rates which need to be treated as ‘Cash Accounting’ in the mapping below. Any tax rates excluded from this box will be reported on an accruals basis. ⚠️ Ignore this section if reporting is on an **accruals basis**.
    You can use the **Add all rates to cash accounting** if all tax rates are on a cach accounting basis.

    Step 2: Map tax returns - Accruals

    Map the tax rates from your accounting software (these have been downloaded and are available in the light yellow boxes) - each box supports multiple tax rates.\ \ *Mouse over the steps below to see an example on how to map tax rates.*
    You may use the **Show unmapped tax rates** button to check which tax rates have not yet been mapped.
    All tax rates need to be mapped to a **box** or marked to be **ignored** to proceed. Any tax rates that should not feature in the VAT return are to be listed under the **Ignore** box **/** section as shown below:
    Click the **Add all to out of scope** button to move any remaining tax rates in the ignore box
    Once you have reviewed and mapped all the tax rates, you need to use the **Save Mapping** button

    Step 3: Map tax returns - Review & Save

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