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    Marketing Paths: How to Navigate (Copy)

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      Navigate to Funnel > Marketing Paths.
      Select the relevant conversion event to take a closer look at user behavior around that event.
      Select your desired date range. The date range will indicate when the conversion occurred. The marketing touchpoints may have occurred outside of this date range. Click here.
      Select a customer type. This will default to all customers. You can also see user behavior against only new customers or only repeat customers. For many Rockerbox users, the user behavior for new vs repeat customers will differ significantly.
      Below, you will see a cohorted view of all of the marketing touchpoints on a user's path to conversion. In the below example, you can see 367 customers within this date range first had a Paid Shopping touchpoint, then an Affiliate touchpoint before purchasing.
      You can also filter for paths to conversion that contain specific types of touchpoints. Choose from paths that contain a certain type of touchpoint anywhere in the path, as a first touchpoint, or as a last touchpoint. For example, take a look at all paths to conversion that contain a Paid Social touchpoint anywhere in the path.
      Filtering for a specific channel or tier 1 value will show all paths that contain that channel on the path to conversion.
      Drill down to further levels of granularity (lower "tiers") to see user behavior in more detail. For example, how to user behavior change for users with Facebook prospecting vs Facebook retargeting on their path to conversion.
      The Key Insights section will report on user behavior highlights for whatever you have filtered on. For example, see the highest AOV and fastest converting paths for users with paid social anywhere on their path to conversion.
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