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    MasteryConnect: Uploading a PDF Test

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    Navigate to Assessments tab in MasteryConnect
    Click "Add Assessment"
    Title your Assessment
    Click "Alignment Source"
    Click "From a Curriculum Map"
    Select the set of standards the test will align to
    Click "Document Based"
    Select your privacy
    Click "Next"
    Click "Upload Document" to add the PDF of your assessment.
    Click this icon and find the document.
    Click "Close" once the document has uploaded.
    Click "Add Questions"
    Click the "Quantity" field. Tip: If you have 10 multiple choice questions, go ahead and add all 10 at one time.
    Click the "Select Standard" field. Tip: If you're adding several questions at one time, assign one standard to all of the questions. You can change that in a moment.
    Click "Add"
    All the questions will populate. Select the correct answer for each question
    Click the "Search Standard" field to update the standard for each question.
    Click "Add Questions" if you have a different style question to add.
    Update the quantity for this question type.
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