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    Math Rule

        Let us consider a situation where we will build a form for a customer. The customer owns a super shop. He sales groceries and medicine in his store. The customer will input the price of grocery and medicine items and discounts. The system then should automatically calculate the following calculations. Total Price = Grocery Items + Medicine VAT = 15% of the Total Price Price with VAT = Total Price + VAT Payable Amount = Price with VAT - Discount
        The following processes should be followed to achieve the business requirements. Users have to right-click on the desired library name.
        Click "Properties"
        Click here.
        Click "System Default Form"
        Click "Total Price"
        Click here.
        Click here.
        Click "Math Rule"
        After selecting "Math Rule" all the number type fields available in the form will be shown on the left side below the label "Available Fields". Users have to click on the desired fields and then drag them to the box below "Subjected Fields".
        Users have to follow the following steps to set the functionally where the system will automatically sum the price of "Grocery Items" and "Medicine".
        Following the above process, users can set VAT calculations as well.
        Setup of VAT calculations.
        Click "Price with VAT" to set calculations for this field.
        "Price with VAT" was the sum of the "Total Price" and "VAT(15%)" fields which are implemented below.
        "Payable Amount" was a subtraction between "Price with VAT" - "Discount".
        Now let's go back to the same form that we saw at the beginning of this tutorial.
        The following screen shows when a user added the value "50" in the "Grocery Items", the system automatically calculated the values of "Total Price", "VAT(15%)", "Price with VAT" and "Payable Amount".
        Values are automatically updated after adding value in the "Medicine" field.
        Once the amount of "Discount" was added, the system updated the value of "Payable Amount".

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