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    Messaging Teachers & Coaches in the RCCU1 App

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      Within the RCCU1 App, tap on "Rooms" at the bottom right to toggle over to the messaging side of the app.
      If you aren't currently signed in, use the credentials you created with your students "magic code", etc. If you haven't received this info from a teacher or coach previously, reach out to the district to get set up.
      Choose which class you'd like to message the teacher or coach in. This screen also allows you to change your various settings (gear icon at the top) like notifications, etc., and toggle between your students if you have more than one (bottom of the screen).
      Selecting a class will take you to the stream for that class, where you can view announcements posted by the teacher or coach for that class. You cannot comment on these posts, but you can send a direct message to the teacher. To do so, start by clicking the "menu" button at the bottom left of the screen.
      Tap on "Messages".
      From the messages screen, you can either click on a thread you have previously created with a teacher, or click the plus button at the top right to start a new one.
      If creating a new message thread, choose from the available staff members in that class to add them to the message. If there is more than one teacher/coach in the group, you can add multiple people to the thread if you choose to do so. Once you have selected who you want to send the message to, click the orange arrow button at the bottom of the screen.
      Type your message. You can add pictures or other attachments to the message by clicking the + button next to the message field. You can also view any previous attachments from that conversation by clicking the paperclip at the top right. When finished typing your message, click the send button that appears!
      Tip! To ensure you see replies to your messages and/or future messages/announcements from your student's teachers/coaches, make sure you have your notifications set properly both within the app settings and your phone's notification settings as well!

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