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    Microsoft Teams - Upload a File

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    Open Teams
    To attach a file in the chat panel, click on the paper clip symbol.
    Choose whether you will 'Upload from this device' or 'Attach from cloud files'
    You will see a screen with your documents. Select the document you want.
    In this example, I want a file stored in the folder named 'Attachments'
    Click on the name of the file you want to upload.
    Click 'Share'
    Click the send button. It looks like a triangular paper aeroplane.
    There's another way to upload files using the 'Files' section on the Teams chat you're uploading a document to.
    Click 'Files'
    Click the word share and/or it's symbol. You can spot 'upload' or 'share' symbols because they usually have a ↑ symbol with or without a line above it.
    Click 'OneDrive' or 'Upload from my computer'
    Your new file will show on the files page, if it doesn't show then refresh the page or go to the Chat page and then reopen the Files page.
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