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    Mirror Mac to Apple TV

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      Click the Control Center
      Click the Screen Mirroring toggle button
      Select your Apple TV (named specifically for your room)

      Getting to Display Settings

      Click the Control Center again
      Click the Screen Mirroring toggle button
      Click on "Display Settings..."

      Arrange Displays

      Click "Arrange..."
      Tip! Hover your mouse on a display to see its name.
      Click and drag the screens to arrange them in the order that makes the most sense for navigating your curser between screens. (EX: If my projector is to the left of where I'm using my Mac, I'd arrange the screens so the Apple TV is to the left of the Mac.)
      Tip! Test your curser before you save it to make sure it's arranged the way you expect.
      Click "Done"
      Alert! The default setting is to extend to all your screens. If you'd like you Apple TV to mirror your MacBook Screen or 2nd Monitor, continue to the next steps.

      Mirror your MacBook to Apple TV

      Click your Apple TV Display
      Click "Extended display" dropdown
      Click "Mirror for Built-in Display"
      Tip! This next step is to optimize your screens so that the size of the text and icons on your MacBook aren't so small.
      To the right of "Optimize for", click the dropdown arrows next to your Apple TV name (yours will be named for your room)
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