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    Mobile: How to create an order

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    Go to <> and log in if necessary!
    or you can use the Leanafy PWA if you have that installed on your mobile device.
    Click on this icon to go into outbound menu.
    Click on "Create Order"
    Click and select the client from the dropdown menu.
    Click on "Add Item"
    Type and select the product from the dropdown menu.
    Update the quantity & UoM and then click on the "Add Product To Order" button.
    Once you have added all the products to the order, click outside the bottom panel to return back to the 'create order' menu.
    Click on "Order Details"
    Enter the 'Primary Reference Number' if needed.
    Click on the calendar icon, and select the due date for the order.
    Enter special instructions if there are any.
    Click on "Shipping Address"
    Select the contact.
    To add a new contact, you can follow the steps below:\ <>
    Swipe left in the shipping address menu to view all the contacts.
    Click on "Create Order " button.
    You can click on the up arrow button and select the "Create and Generate Pick List" button to create the order and generate the pick list simultaneously.
    The order has been created successfully!
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