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    Mobile: How to do Item transfer within the warehouse

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    Go to <> and log in if necessary!
    or you can use the Leanafy PWA if you have that installed on your mobile device.
    Click on this icon.
    Click on "Transfer"
    Scan the QR code for source location/LP.
    You can do item transfer in 4 flows, location to location, location to container (LP), container to location, and container to container. In all flows you just need to scan source and destination QR codes to do the item transfer. for eg: if you want to do a location-to-container transfer you need to scan the source location code and update the item quantity that you want to transfer and then scan the the destination container QR code.
    Find the item you want to transfer and click on "Move Item"
    If you have scanned the container (LP) QR code as a source you can do both item(s) to container transfer or you can transfer the whole container to a different location without updating the quantity of any item(s) and then by clicking on "Transfer Container".
    Update the quantity
    Click on "Save Quantity For Transfer"
    Verify the quantity you added to move and then click on "Transfer Items"
    Scan the destination location/LP and click on the "right arrow" button to complete the item transfer.
    If you have scanned any new container (LP) QR code (which is not assigned to any location) as destination , on next screen after clicking on right arrow button you have to scan the location code for putting that new container to that location.
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