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    Mobile: How to do put away

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    Go to <> and log in if necessary!
    or you can use the Leanafy PWA if you have that installed on your mobile device.
    Click on "Put away " from inbound menu.
    You can scan/select the receiving location from where you wish to put away.
    Scan/select the License Plate (LP) from the dropdown or if you wish to move loose item(s) from the location, select "move items from the receiving location" and proceed.
    If you are moving items from a location, navigate to the product, enter the quantity to move by clicking on "Move Item," and then click on the "Transfer Item" button.
    Click on "right arrow" button
    Scan the location code to put away and click on "right arrow" button.
    If you had selected the "move items from location" option earlier, you will get the option to scan the License Plate (LP)/Location code to specify where you wish to put away the item(s).
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