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    Mobile: How to receive items in the warehouse

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    Go to <> on your mobile device and log in if necessary!
    You can also open the Leanafy app on your mobile if you have already installed it.
    Click on "Receiving" menu item
    If an ARN has been assigned to you then click on Assigned ARN to receive it else choose unassigned ARN.
    The ARNs for which a user has been assigned will appear under "Assigned ARN" for that specific user. The remaining ARNs that have not been assigned to any user will be displayed under "Unassigned ARN."
    Select the ARN for receiving.
    Scan the receiving location QR code or select it from the dropdown by clicking on highlighted area.
    After selecting receiving location , now click on right arrow button.
    Here, you have the option to receive item(s) either with LP tagged pallet(container) or directly into a receiving location as individual loose items.
    If you choose "Receive on LP (container)" : scan the LP QR code else jump to step-[[13]] for receiving item directly on receiving location.
    \[Optional\] Since LP code is generated by Leanafy, if you wish to add reference number provided by the supplier then you can do so by entering that info in "LP reference code" field.
    Scan the product scannable barcode/QR code or select the product from the dropdown and click on "right arrow" button to go next step.
    Update the quantity and click on "Save Product Quantity".
    *\[If serial control product\]* Add a serial number for the total quantity of that product
    *\[If serial control product\]* After adding the product serial number(s) , click on the "right arrow" button
    Click on "Receive by Individual Item"
    Here, you can choose to receive the next item on the same pallet where the previous item was received by clicking on "Scan new item on {Pallet-code}", or you can receive it in a different container by clicking on "Scan new LP (Container)". Alternatively, you can also receive the other item in a different receiving location by clicking on "Scan new location" option.
    Scan the product scannable QR code or select the product from the dropdown
    click on "right arrow" button
    *\[If batch control product\]* Enter the batch number for the product
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