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    Monitoring Backend Performance Metrics on Sentry Dashboard

    • Jay Revels |
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    Set up your dashboard with the backend metrics that matter to your business
    Monitor: Transactions per minute, Average Transaction Latency, Average transaction failure rate, Number of failed transactions for any time period
    Analyze transaction latency grouped by transaction type
    Drill down into the timeframe when the number of transactions suddenly dropped. Now investigate why this is happening.
    The dashboard shows you the slowest transactions during any timeframe and what transactions had the highest failure rate. Easily see how your revenue generation transactions are performing.
    See here that post checkout and checkout transactions are failing. Lost revenue opportunity?
    Sentry automatically identifies that there is an N+1 Query issue in the Python project.
    One click and see the transaction span and where the latency is occuring
    Expand the span to see more context on the transaction and determine which operations are causing the latency
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