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    Navigating your NICA coach education, resources, and benefits

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    Navigate to [](
    Log in using your Pit Zone username/password
    To review your personalized license status and see any outstanding requirements, click "Coach Profile" (note: depending on your league/team affiliation, you Pit Zone dashboard may look slightly different than this example!)
    Review your COACH PROFILE grid. Each COLUMN represents a license level; you only need to complete the requirements that are listed in the column that corresponds to your desired license level. Items with a blue "upload" button require you to upload documentation (i.e. a first aid certificate) while others will automatically update when you complete the requirement in the NICA Coach Education Center.
    Click "Courses, Resources & Benefits"
    You're now in the NICA COACH EDUCATION CENTER - you can navigate to your course menu dropdown to view/begin your coach courses, or view ALL course options in the course card gallery at the bottom of the page.
    You can also view NICA's Coach Resource library on the top right side of this dashboard. These resources include templates, practice plants, program-specific documents, and more!
    Additionally, you can access instructions for your NICA Coach Benefits (bottom right side of screen) as well.
    PRO TIP: If you're looking for more detailed info on any coach license requirements, head to the Coach Education Requirements page, located here:<> On this page, you'll have access to our Coach Education Requirements Grid, which has ALL relevant licensing info, as well as links to ALL of the Coach Ed requirements. Click each one for more details and specifics!
    If you still have questions, simply reach out to the Coach Help Desk at <>
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