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    New Facebook Account Setup [step-by-step]

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      Creating a Personal Account

      Navigate to [](
      Click "Create new account"
      Enter relevant info.
      If we do not know the birthday when creating a new account, use "June 5th, 1995" as the birthday.
      Click "Sign Up"
      Click "No, create new account"
      Find the confirmation code in the email (check spam if you do not see it in the inbox) and enter the code here.
      Click "Continue"
      Click "Okay"
      Now we are going to fill in the profile information for the account. Navigate to the profile page by clicking on the profile icon.
      Click on your profile.
      Click "Edit Profile".
      First, add the Profile Photo. To do this, click "Add"
      Upload the photo you will be using for your profile photo.
      Click "Save"
      Now, let's add the cover photo. Click "Add cover photo"
      Upload the cover photo you will be using.
      Click "Save changes"
      Next, let's add the bio. Click "Add bio"
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