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    New Instagram Account Setup [step-by-step]

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      Navigate to [](
      Click "Sign Up"
      Enter the relevant info to sign up.
      Click "Sign up"
      Enter the birthday, if there is no specified birthday, put "June 5th, 1995". Click "Next"
      Find the confirmation code in the email inbox. Paste it and Click "Next"
      Once you've successfully signed up and gained access to your new account, begin filling in the details for the profile. Click "Edit profile"
      In the "Bio" field, enter the bio.
      Next, add the profile photo. Click "Change profile photo"
      When done, Click "Submit"
      Next, Click "Professional account"
      We will display the industry category on the profile. To do so, be sure to select the correct category and select the "Display category label" toggle.
      Click "Submit"
      Now we are going to flesh out the rest of the account. Navigate the Profile by clicking "Profile"
      First, add 3-12 photos to the profile. Typically, we will space these out by adding one photo per day for the next 3-12 days. Click "Share your first photo"
      Add the relevant photo.
      Click "Next".
      Click "Next" again. We do not need filters.
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