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    No Contact Letter

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    Generate a No Contact Letter

    Click "**Client Communication**." in Filevine.
    Click the "*Choose a Template*."
    Select "No Contact Letter.docx"
    Click "[[Generate]]"
    You can also generate a No Contact Letter in Spanish. Select "SPANISH_No Contact Letter.docx" and click [[Generate]]
    Click on the template.
    **EXAMPLE**\- "No Contact Letter" in Spanish.
    **EXAMPLE**\- "No Contact Letter" in English.

    Send No Contact Letter via Text

    Go back to "[[Activity]]."
    Copy No Contact Letter templet.
    Click "*Write a note*" and paste the No Contact Letter.
    Click " [[Send a Text]]."
    Click the "*Search for Recipient*."
    Select the name of the client.
    Click " [[Create]]" to send the text message.

    Send No Contact Letter via Email

    Click " [[New mail]]"
    Add client's email.
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