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    Notifications from Dependencies in Asana

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    Click "Details" next to the task where the dependency is being created.
    Click "Add dependencies"
    Select the task that Task 2 will be blocked by. This means Task 2 will not be assigned until Task 1 is marked complete.
    Add an assignee to each task. When Task 1 is marked as complete, the assignee for Task 2 will receive a notification that they can now begin on Task 2.
    Before Task 1 has been marked complete, the icons next to Task 1 and Task 2 will look like this.
    Once Task 1 is marked as complete, both icons will change.
    Task 1 gains a green circle indicating it is complete and Task 2 now has the standard blank circle indicating it is not yet complete. It loses the hour glass indicating it is no longer blocked.
    If you click the detail carrot next to Task 2 and open the details side bar
    Click "Show completed dependencies" to see a log of all completed dependencies.
    If you scroll down to the bottom of the details side bar to the task activity log, you can see that the task is only assigned once the dependent task has been completed.
    The assignee of the dependent task will also receive a notification that their task is now ready to be completed.
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