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    Number Rule

        Right-click on the name of the library.
        Click "Properties"
        Click here.
        Click "System Default Form"
        Click "Number"
        Click here.
        Click here.
        Click "Number Rule"
        Selecting the "Number Rule" will show the following screen. To use this rule users have to set one or multiple conditions. They can also select when these conditions should be activated. "Trigger For" defines when the functionality should be activated. This can be a "Pass" or "Fail". Selecting "Pass" means when input values have to match with provided conditions. On the other hand "Fail" will activate the rule when the input value is not matching with given conditions. Users simply have to click on the radio button before "Pass" and "Fail" to select. For the following example "Pass" was selected.
        Clicking "New Option" will show a line where users can set the conditions.
        Seven predefined conditions are available here to select. Users have select a condition and then have to provide a value against the condition.
        Following is an example of adding a condition.
        Multiple conditions can be added by following the same process.
        Three different types of conditions are added in the following example.
        Saved conditions can be edited by clicking on the "edit" icon.
        Once the conditions are done, users have to set functionality for the rule. For example, if the conditions are matched, the system will show an additional text box in the form. To do so following steps have to be followed.
        Users have to create the field by providing the necessary data.
        Field setup tutorial can be found here [](
        Click "Save Rule" to complete the "Number Rule" creation.
        Finally clicking on the "Save Layout" button will finish the process.

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