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    Nurole Open Profile

    • Adam Gill

    Adding roles

    We recommend a minimum of three roles on your profile. To add more roles to your profile, click the 'add now' button to go to the professional experience section.
    Click "Add a role" to bring up the pop up to add a new role to your profile.
    In the pop up, you can tell us about the specifics of the role. Search for the company and select it from the drop down list if it's available in our database.
    Click "None of these" if your organisation is missing from the list.
    Click "Add Organisation" if you'd like to add this new company to the database.
    Click "Update" to change the details of the organisation you selected
    You can update information about your organisation such as industry, type of ownership, and revenue
    Click "Save" once you've made your changes to your organisation
    Click "I don’t know the end date" if it's a current role without a fixed term.
    Click "Save" to finish adding the role

    Adding your CV and LinkedIn

    Click "Upload new CV."
    Click on the green upload button to add your CV from your computer.
    Enter your LinkedIn profile URL within this field and click on the save button.

    Creating your tagline and summary

    Click the "Add now" button to create your tagline.
    You can give us a brief tagline and a top-level summary about yourself. You will see a 'changes saved successfully' notification in the lower left to indicate your tagline and summary have been saved.
    Click the "Career summary" field to enter your career highlights
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