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    Open Claim with CMS

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    Log In to CMS

    Search for CMS Login
    Click "***I Accept***"
    Go to Filevine and serach for **CMSTOKEN**
    You should be able to see the current password "**NEW PASSWORD: Mon3y83$**." Please notice password is constantly changing.
    You should be able to see the username "**BA833BA**" to log in to CMS portal.
    Add "***User Name***" and "***Password***"
    Select the "***Login using Multi-Factor Authentication***."
    Select "[[Text Message (SMS)]]" IT IS EASIER! If you choose call, it will send the call to the host.
    Go to Filevine since is where you will received the CMS verification code message.
    Add the code and click "[[Continue]]."
    Click "**[[103722 Bauman Law APLC]]**"

    Request Case Access

    Always check to see if a case already has a CMS claim open, use **Request Case Access** in the CMS portal to update our office information.
    Click "[[Request Case Access]]"
    If there is no previously opened case it will take you to **New Case Request**
    Go to Filevine to start getting client's information.
    Look for clients Medicare Health Insurance card. \*\*If we don’t have it, call/text client to send over a picture via text.
    Add "***Date of Incident***" if you don't have the case ID.
    Add ***Medicare ID*** or ***SSN***. \*\*If client never sent their Medicare Health Insurance card use their SSN (social security number).
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