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    Optimize your LinkedIn profile with a custom banner from Canva

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    Here's how to design a custom LinkedIn banner image using Canva in just a few minutes! To Save this Scribe for later, click the 'Save Scribe' button in the top right!
    Navigate to [https://www.canva.com/](https://www.canva.com/)
    Click "Create a design"
    Click the "Search" field.
    Type "LinkedIn banner" to get LinkedIn templates.
    This is my favorite part about using Canva for this. The template already has the correct dimensions, which saves me a lot of time I'd spend Googling and guessing.
    Select the template with 1584 x 396 dimensions.
    A new tab will open with a blank canvas.
    Scroll through the templates for inspiration.
    It's easier to create when you have inspiration. I always start by adding a few templates to my canvas to inspire me.
    Don't forget to click 'Add page' before you select another template. This will ensure that your template is added to a new page (instead of replacing your currently selected page)
    Add a few templates!
    Now that you're feeling inspired, start customizing! Here are a few ideas: - Swap out images - Change the fonts - Customize the colors And on and on and on until you're happy with it!
    When you're finished, click here to export your design.
    Click this icon.
    Click 'Download'
    Select 'PNG' as the file type. Click 'Download'
    That's it! Now head on over to your LinkedIn profile and change your header image! Or, save this Scribe for later by clicking the 'Save Scribe' button in the top right!
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