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    Organize Documents in Docs section

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    Rename Documents

    Click the document.
    Click "..."
    Click "[[Rename]]"
    Click the "Filename"
    Type new file name and Click "[[Rename]]"
    Rename all documents that were sent by client (ID, Health Insurance, Insurance, Hospital Bill, Hospital Discharge paper, CL/Def PD pictures, BI pictures, etc) and add it to the correct folder.


    Select faxed LORs and any generated letters.
    Click the arrow icon to move documents.
    Select "**[[Correspondence]]**"
    Click "[[Move Docs]]"


    Select any evidence like; client's/ defense identification, health insurance, car registration, defendant's/ client's vehicle insurance card, Property Damage Estimate, Police Report, any defendant's or client's information.
    Click "**[[Rhombus]]**"
    Select "**[[Evidence]]**"
    Click "[[Move Docs]]"


    Select PD (property damage) pictures
    Click "**[[Rhombus]]**"
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