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    Overview of the Bank Register

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine.
      Click "Accounting" in the dashboard menu to be redirected to the BE Accounting module.
      Click "Banking" in the dashboard menu to trigger the dropdown menu.
      Click "Bank Register" from the submenu.
      The "Bank Register" page allows you to review all of the transactions associated with a specific bank account.
      Click the dropdown menu in the "Bank Register" field to select a bank account.
      Use the small calendar icons to select a date range to search.
      Click "Search"
      The results on the table can be filtered by making a selection from the "Transaction Type" field.
      The entries can also be searched by dollar amount, memo, or reference number by using the "Find" field
      Click the Action button to navigate to the page of the transaction.
      The transaction can now be reviewed and edited.
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