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    How to navigate around Scribe

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Home" to go to your dashboard, which shows your recently viewed documents, stats and things to learn. This is your default view when you log into Scribe.
    If you're on multiple teams, you can switch between them by clicking here
    Click "Search" or type [[cmd + k]] to search for a specific document
    Click "Created by Me" to view every document you've created (regardless of team)
    Click "Shared With Me" to view any document that's been shared directly with you via your email address
    Click "Saved" for quick access to your saved documents
    Click "Teams" to view all the teams you're a part of or any open team associated with your domain
    This section focuses on your Scribe team. Click "All Documents" to view any Scribe or Page created by someone on your team. You and your teammates can create folders to help you stay organized.
    Click "Scribes" or "Pages" to filter for that particular document type. \ \ In this section, you can also check out your private documents, review queue (if you're an Admin on an Enterprise plan) and your trash.
    Click "Invite Teammates" to invite your colleagues to join you in Scribe
    Click "Help & Support" to access our help center, get in touch with Support or Sales, view your billing and more
    Click your photo to access your account settings, download the desktop app, log out and more

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