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    Overview of your Scribe dashboard

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    Navigate to [https://scribehow.com/workspace#dashboard](https://scribehow.com/workspace#dashboard)
    Click "Home"
    Your 'Recent' section shows you the 6 most recent Scribes or Pages you've viewed.
    Click 'My Documents' to jump to your own Scribes or Pages.
    Check out the "Your Stats" section to see how many Scribes/Pages you've created, how many views you've received and how many total claps you've received.
    Click "Team Activity" on the right side to see a history of all the documents your teammates are viewing and creating. Click "My Activity" to see a history of all the documents YOU have viewed or created.
    Click "Invite" to invite teammates.
    Click "New" and select which tool you'd like to use to capture a Scribe: Browser, Desktop (Pro & Ent), or Mobile (Pro & Ent).
    Click "Create a Page" if you'd like to create a new Page, which is a custom process document for combining numerous Scribes with other information.
    Click your team name in the top right corner to change teams, manage your team settings or create a new team.
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