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    Paper: How to Submit an Essay for Review

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Get writing reviewed with Review Center"
    Click "Upload work for review"
    Students can choose to upload a file from their device (Browse Files) or pull a document from their Google Drive.
    Here the student would put the title of their essay.
    Click here.
    Click "Essay" if they are submitting a basic essay. There are other options available.
    Click here to select the language their paper in written in.
    Type specific teach instructions here--like how many paragraphs they are supposed to have, how many points they are supposed to make, etc.
    They can also upload your instructions if you provided them with a digital instruction sheet.
    The last box is letting the tutor know what you want them to specifically look for---maybe they struggle with grammar or want to make sure they have a certain number of supporting details.
    Click here to submit the essay.

    How to Locate reviewed essays

    Navigate to Paper via Clever.
    Click "Review Center" on the lefthand side of the screen.
    Click the essay you want to see comments on.
    Click "Download reviewed file with tutor comments" to download the document with the tutor's comments.
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